PhotoStage Pro Edition


Create videos using your pictures with this complete picture editor


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PhotoStage Pro Edition is an interesting tool that lets you create dynamic video montages using your own picture library.

Using PhotoStage Pro Edition is easy because it works just like a simplified basic video editing tool; to import your picture collection to the program you just need to drag it onto the main window. Once there, you can select the images and organize them on a timeline in a way that fits your preferences. You can add a ton of different transitions, effects, texts and even audios that’ll play during the final montage. Once you’re done with the creative process, you can export the file to your computer as well as share it directly on your favorite social networks.

One of the most interesting features that PhotoStage Pro Edition offers is that you can create a presentation, including effects and transitions, in a totally automatic way. This feature is especially useful when you need an urgent montage and you don’t have the time to edit it manually. Just drag the pictures you want on the video and let PhotoStage Pro Edition add the transitions, zooms and other effects in a surprisingly efficient way.

PhotoStage Pro Edition’s intuitive interface helps you create the perfect gift or relive those great moments in a unique and fun way.
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